GLOBE life insurance

Make sure you're fully covered for whatever life throws at you because YOU NEVER KNOW. 



Bill and Brenda have a knack for getting themselves into sticky situations, hopefully they have Globe life insurance. 


You may wonder what kind of people would waste their time watching a two minute trailer for a thirty second commercial? The same kind of people that would waste three days making one.

poster for trailer

Directing people to the microsite, where you can watch the full trailer, any extended versions of the commercials, or play  the Bill and Brenda video game.


Landing page for the trailer.


bill and brenda the game


Landing page for the game.

YouTube Pre-roll

Different endings based on when the viewer decides to skip the ad

alternate endings

extended version

If the viewer makes it through the whole commercial nothing happens to Bill and Brenda...this time.

Instagram carousel

Directs people to our microsite.

bottom third ads

On shows like Man vs. Wild, Most Dangerous Jobs and Deadliest Catch.